Jessica (Kircher) Robinson

About Jessica (Kircher) Robinson
Fun Fact

It all started when…

I was between 10 and 13-years-old when I started designing guild layouts for Neopets. I had no idea what I was doing, I just loved creating pretty things on the computer. Whether I was using Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Word Art or a new program my mom purchased at the time, Paintshop Pro.

Next, there was Myspace. Myspace let you code your profile with HTML. I learned the basics there and continued on with my design hobby. I eventually created my own Myspace layout design business where I would accept orders for custom Myspace layouts.

I went through high school LOVING design and loving computers. I received certifications in Powerpoint, Word and Excel and also in typing. I was a computer class geek. Even through high school, Design remained just a hobby. I didn’t connect the dots between my love for design and my professional career until college.

Fast forward 13 years, I’m more in love now than I ever thought would be possible. I’m so lucky to have found my career at such a young age. I’ve worked in a print shop, running printers and designing, and I’ve work in web design, leading a team of web designers. I’ve been there and done that with design and that lead me to freelance and owning my own design business! I’ve always been a leader, a teacher, an entrepreneur and a talented artist. Those traits set me up for success with owning my own online design company.