Logo Design Services at Luhv'lee

Your business logo is the face of your company. At Luhv’lee, we take your logo seriously, like we are creating our own. Your logo is the most important piece of your business’ visual identity and we treat it that way.

Your logo speaks for your business when you are not in the room.

Your logo should:

  • not be cheap or handled cheaply.

  • speak to your target market.

  • be attractive.

  • be clear; if you confuse, you lose.

  • look great scaled up or down.

  • look professionally done.

  • reflect what your business does in some way.

Our logo Process:

  1. Email personalized questionnaire

  2. Discovery call to go over the answers and get to know your business

  3. Research to learn about your industry

  4. Inspiration search - to get the design wheels turning

  5. Initial logo sketch

  6. Design 1st draft of logo

  7. Present 1st draft - meeting if needed

  8. Make changes to 1st draft

  9. Present 2nd draft - meeting if needed

  10. Make changes to 2nd draft

  11. Present 3rd draft - meeting if needed

  12. Create brand style guide

  13. save ALL files into a shared Google drive folder

At Luhv’lee, we provide you with the following:

  • A brand style guide with color and font recommendations.

  • Black logo files, white logo files and color logo files.

  • Print files of your black, white, & color logo: PDF, EPS, SVG

  • Web files of your black, white, & color logo: PNG, JPEG, SVG

  • A horizontal and vertical version of your logo.

  • A brand icon if applicable. (The Nike logo WITH the swoosh)

Luhv’lee Logo Investment: $250.00